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Taking Industrial Manufacturers to New Heights | Flyt Marketing
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We take your Marketing ROI to new heights

Flyt Marketing develops custom strategies that are focused on solving your top challenges.

Lead Generation

It’s all about generating leads. How do you fill the funnel with qualified leads month after month?

Customer Journeys

Set up your system for lead nurturing by integrating all of your marketing systems, from Pardot to Hubspot to Marketo and more. That way, clients don’t get lost!

Measureable ROI

You can’t change what you can’t measure. What are you getting out of your current marketing spend?

getting off the ground

Industrial Marketers are challenged to do much more… with much less.

  • How do you go more digital without any training, and without the bandwidth for those expanding resources?
  • How do you adapt for the shifting demographics of your customers and your employees as a new generation comes in?
  • How do you produce a measurable increase in revenues so you can get faster organizational buy-in on your next marketing campaign?
  • How will you ever find someone with expertise in PPC and email marketing and landing page management and marketing automation and CRM integration!?


Don’t panic.

how we’re different

We don’t try to do everything for everyone.

Instead, we are built from the ground up to help you.

Lead Generation

Extremely targeted lead generation through PPC, content marketing, relationship-building email campaigns, and even done-for-you asset management to educate your customers. When someone clicks on one of our campaigns, we can tell you if they’re the person you’re looking for.

Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring

We don’t just help you to get noticed and gather lead information; our method and sales team automation not only scores your leads as individuals, but also as accounts and companies. Nurture your leads to become opportunities, and take them from the digital funnel to real people.

Content Marketing

Whether you need original ideas or merely someone to carry them out, we’ll partner with your subject matter experts to create video, graphic, and written content that builds relationships and educates your leads and customers while still maintaining company goals and standards.

Sales Enablement

We market to promote the adoption and use of your service to the rest of the customer’s organization. It’s about selling your product’s value, to turn your customers into your advocates. Our campaigns remain continuous to stay top of mind with buyers and influencers in the organization.



Monthly Click-Throughs


Monthly Impressions


New Monthly Leads

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why Flyt?

We understand the challenges that industrials face,

and we have the best of both worlds;

brand and agency experience.

  • We focus on the ROI of your marketing dollars.
  • We know how to help your distributors sell more of your product.
  • We mine data from the end user so you can build more profitable products.
  • We have a proven track record with leads, demand, and digital campaigns.
  • We know what not to do, so we don’t waste your time on the wrong strategies.